Is It Possible to Boil Water Using a Chemical Reaction?

Do you ever wonder if it is possible to boil water using a chemical reaction? The question is not all that improbable for there are plenty of situations, some which involve being outdoors and needing to survive, which may warrant an answer to this.

The question really should be is boiled water boiled via a chemical reaction? The answer is that it is not. A reaction like this involves transforming a substance into something physically different from the initial substance. With boiled water, the water only transforms into steam as well as retains its initial composition even though it bubbles as it is heated to a high temperature. It must be at least 212 degrees F for it to boil.

Chemical changes involve bonding changes which cannot be reversed. Physical changes such as those that occur with water when it is frozen or heated can be reversed. Boiled water, for instance, can be frozen. Frozen ice can be turned back into steam after going through a boiling process and so forth.

If you are an outdoor person and you ever find yourself needing to drink clean water, it might occur to you that in order to make sure it is pure you must boil it. However, it is not always practical if you happen to be away from a source of fire. There are ways to do it.

If you reduce the pressure around the liquid, it reduces the temperature needed to get it to reach the boiling point. This is where things become tricky. You would need to take your source of liquid, put it in a pressurized container and lower the pressure around it. It creates a boiled liquid but it would not be a hot liquid which would sanitize water or be good enough for cooking spaghetti.

If you are thinking of hiking, camping or doing any other outdoor excursion you need to be prepared. You really cannot heat any water without a fire if you need it for cooking or drinking. What you can do is bring MREs with you so you always have a good source of food and nutrition at your reach.

Meals-ready-to-eat originated in the US military. They are self-contained meals which are enclosed in a sealed package often made of foil. When the package is opened, it is ready for consumption. You may find some will heat up automatically upon being open revealing a tasty meal like chicken and potatoes or beef stew. Some MREs contain beverages and desserts.

Another option that you have is to bring specially designed heating sticks with you. These work to heat water to any temperature you like. If you do plan to camp or go outdoors for prolonged periods be prepared.

Bring plenty of lighters or matches with you, preferably ones in waterproof containers. Bring a pot with a lid and as much drinking water as you can carry. Take MREs with you, too. They last for years and now come in a variety of meals, side dishes, and desserts.

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