If There Is A Zombie Apocalypse, What Food Should I Bring?

Nothing is impossible, not even a zombie apocalypse. With all the government experiments people don’t know about, some kind of flesh-eating sickness is bound to infect a majority of the population, and leave you at the mercy of zombies.

Hopefully, this is just a far-fetched scenario that will never play out. But what’s the harm in being prepared for it? Given that anything can happen at any moment, wouldn’t it be smart to be prepared for any type of apocalyptic event?

One of the first questions that surface when you talk about survival is the issue of food. More specifically, if there is a zombie apocalypse, what food should you bring? Seeing as you have no idea how long you’ll need to survive by yourself, it’s important to have the right food.

So, to help you be prepared for anything, it is recommended to stock up on meals ready to eat (MREs). These are pre-cooked and pre-packed food packages that will do more than just last you a year or two, and here is some more info about these handy packs.

A Little MRE Background

The concept for MREs started in the Second World War, although the official process for these packs only occurred in the 1970’s. Feeding soldier on the front line always proved a big challenge, hence the reason for developing food that could last.

Of course, good-tasting food was the last thing governments thought about. Instead, the objective was to keep soldiers strong and healthy. That meant giving them food with high nutritional value and that wouldn’t spoil easily while in the field.

As the years moved on, the US military eventually refined the way these types of meals were prepared, stored, and packaged. Plus, they expanded the menu dramatically.

MREs Last For Years

The first thing you have to know about MREs is that they last for up to 3 years (or 5 if you store it right). This means that if you have enough MREs with you, you don’t have to worry about finishing them the first few nights. You can ration them out as you need them.

They Are Designed For The Outdoors

The second benefit is that they are packaged to withstand most of the elements. For example, MREs are waterproof and sealed for durability. It will take a lot of strain to damage the packs in your backpack, and it’s not likely to happen.

They Are Quick

Thirdly, they are very quick to use. All you have to do is open a pack and start eating. Given that everything is precooked, you only have to heat the meal if you want it to taste better.

They Provide A Balanced And Nutritional Meal

Lastly, MREs are designed to give you a balanced meal. But it’s not just food you’ll be getting. Many MREs include desserts and tasty beverages. And you’ll be happy to know the taste of MREs have improved significantly.

So, if you get caught in a zombie apocalypse and you manage to survive, make sure you have MREs with you.

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